The Romantic Appeal of Candle Light Dinner

There are many moments when people are willing to go the extra mile for romance, to show their loved ones how much they are appreciated. From a trip to an expensive resort, a date night in one of the new in town restaurants, a couples spa session, or an adventurous holiday, the possibilities are endless. You can plan just about anything for your loved ones.

A quick way to plan and to make a memorable evening is a romantic candlelight dinner. It’s perfect for spending some quality time with your partner while getting pampered.

Candlelight dinner is one of many ways to enhance a romantic meal together. Aromatic candles and your favorite cuisine in the presence of surreal gleaming candlelight give the ambiance, a true touch of romance. But there is more to its appeal than just the sight of a beautifully decorated table.

A few thoughts to know why a candlelight dinner might just be a great idea for you:

Immersive Experience

As most couples say, the secret to a long-lasting healthy relationship is communication and what better way to have some quality time with each other over a quiet evening with your partner. is always a time to unwind, confide and have a meaningful time. Sharing a delectable meal over a few clinks of your drinks, dining over a round table with an elegant dining setup accompanied by calming lighting. The dim natural light makes everything look more pleasant with its warm-soft touch while you appreciate each other facial lines and eyes gleam. The shadows add extra details to your surroundings as you and your partner appreciate the tranquility of the moment over some light-hearted conversation.

Candlelight dinners can be as immersive as you want them to be, especially when both of you are dressed up for the moment.

Idyllic Ambience

The right setting and weather can do wonders for your candlelight dinner. The atmosphere plays an essential part when it comes to display the sentiment or occasion being celebrated. If you and your partner are ones to enjoy a cozy quiet dinner, Water Galaxy at Leonia is a good choice in this pleasant weather to enjoy a beautiful candle light dinner in the centre of a shallow pool where you can not only soak your feet, but also forget the worries of the daily routine..

Candlelight dinner is all about setting a mood, but sometimes the mood sets it.

Special Connection

How often do you have a usual dinner? That’s right all the time! Planning a candlelight dinner is an excellent way to take a break from your regular dinner routine. Although spending your day planning a beautiful evening is fun, it doesn’t always require such a struggle when someone else is planning the perfect night for you. As many couples prefer having their candlelight dinner at their favourite restaurants, the anticipation of the event is exciting enough. To come to think of it, don’t you agree that a surprise maybe even better? It’s an excellent way to take a break from your daily drudgery as you get to experience something new.

A reason to visit new places

A simple candlelight dinner at home, can be a norm for many, choosing an exclusive venue for the occasion can make your night an everlasting sweet memory. An option to dine at an elite restaurant,or an overnight stay in a resort, you can plan unique plans for an occasion or just an impromptu night out of town. Leonia offers three separate venues for candlelight dinners.

  • Exotic restaurants with diverse cuisines to indulge
  • A pool-side table setting at our Leo Dine restaurant
  • The Water Galaxy section where you can have a candle-light dinner in a shallow water filled pool to soak your feet in.

Leonia has a range of selection to suit your every mood and the weather! Don’t let the drizzle dampen the spirit. A resort may offer you an experience that will give you a brand new yet remarkable experience.               

Written by Swapna Macharla