Things to do and see around Leonia

Wish to feast your eyes on a beautiful sunset on the still waters of a lake or flex your muscles and ride the highest tide of an adrenaline rush?? If those are your fancies then it is time that you hit the highway to realize your fancies. Still wondering how?? Here are snippets of places around Leonia Holistic Destination

Shamirpet Lake: Artificially created during the Nizam reign, Shamirpet Lake is situated 24 kilometers north of Secunderabad. The lake is one of the major attractions for birdwatchers as well as the picturesque landscape attracts many picnickers to have a nice and warm feast on the spot.

District Gravity: New Adventure Park in Hyderabad, District Gravity is a haven for all adventure sports enthusiasts. It features a diamond shaped multiple activity towers standing at a height of 60ft with 60ft diameter offering a 400Mts zip lining course with rappelling; rock climbing; slithering; multiple climbing; net climbing and para jump. Adventure activities also include 50ft high rope course with a giant swing; a 50ft two-seater giant swing; a 140ft long human bungee slingshot.

Ratnalayam Temple: The temple is adorned with beautiful gardens and the Shanku,Namam and Chakram are structured in the form of a fountain giving a celestial look. The temple consists Yagashala, Kalyana Katta,Pravachanam Hall,lawns for resting,cafeteria,huge parking facility and play pen for children.

Jawahar Deer Park: Famed as one of the most popular wildlife parks in India, Jawahar Deer Park was built during the reign of the Nizams in the 20th century. It is also known as Shamirpet Deer Park owing to its vicinity to the picturesque Shamirpet Lake. The park lies over an area of 54 acres with deciduous forest and is home to a wide variety of animals namely the Blackbuck and the Chital deer as well as several other species of deer.

Written by Srijanee Chakraborty