Moments of love at Leonia

There are two ways of living life. One, where you just count the hours and pass it like just mere numbers that gets you inching towards completion of a cycle. Second, a life with the magical touch of love, where you don’t just live but enliven all those moments to cherish throughout your lifetime.

This Valentine’s Day, let us pay tribute to the charisma of love, to all the truest forms of love, to all those who has chosen the day to deliver those three magic words; to those who wants to make that someone feel special and everybody who think love makes their lives worth living.

Leonia Holistic Destination has set the perfect rendezvous for all the love birds to nestle and celebrate the sublime love. Remind your loved ones about how special they are by treating them with a magical Valentine’s Day experience at Leonia and avail special packages comprising gift basket; special dining set-up; live music & Barbecue; special discounts and many more.

Written by Srijanee Chakraborty