Beauty buzz- Love thy skin that you are in

Is the week long drudgery making you forget your duty towards beauty which has been lying latent and tainted under layers of stress and all those worldly worries. Well then it is high time that hit the highway leading to the destination of holistic wellness for your body as well as soul.
You don’t need to shed a sweat on planning that perfect beauty date as Leonia houses an array of exotic beauty and purification rituals which will make you turn quite some heads as you emerge glowing, and rejuvenated. So step into Leonia’s award-winning Spa facility, explore purification rituals like Mud bath, Temazcal and discover and adore the new and the refreshed you.

A good mudbath treatment is known to:

• Exfoliate and reveal the glowing you

• Improve blood circulation and its complex minerals help restoring your body’s natural ph balance.

• Relieves muscle stress and pain

• The goodness of mother earth applies a healing touch on your tired eyes

• Works wonders in tucking your tummy

Temazcal treatment is known to:

• Firm and oxygenate the skin

• Help cell regeneration and exfoliating skin

• Treat acne, hot spots and rash acne

• Heal dry and withering skin and premature wrinkles

• Improve blood circulation as well as helps losing weight

Shed the gloom and welcome the glamorous you as you treat yourself with beauty rituals offered at Leonia. Please visit the link for more information on the package:

Written by Srijanee Chakraborty