Travel Tips

It is okay to go overboard when you are on-board on an exciting traveling itinerary; it is okay for an unplanned extension of travel plans when you know that it will create a life-long memory with your near and dear ones.

Things you ought to follow when your rucksack is packed and you hit the road:

  • Always carry a map when exploring a new place because you don’t want to see your lust to wander turn to lost and ponder.
  • Stash enough cash because you don’t want a shift from being a traveler to a pauper.
  • Work on those biceps and triceps because next time it might not be that easy to lift the Eiffel tower by its tip or support the leaning tower of Pisa while posing for that perfect click.
  • And the most important tip is just to have fun and leave your worries at home.

As a tribute to all the pages which are now resting in “piece”-s in the dustbin but once bore testimony of your wanderlust, we offer you tips to realize your traveling passion to travel. Seek solace and tie your shoelaces to hit the road and wander across the unknown.

  • Travel light and ditch those extra pair skirts and heels
  • When language is a restriction, make your body language do the talking!!
  • Administer doses of Vitamin-Sea if you think you lack it.
  • If your health and heart is not much in good kinship carry the necessary medicine kit to strike a balance.

Some packing hacks can be a real deal for you when you have your bags packed:

  • Weather-resistant bag– Choose an all-weather resistant bag, you can never predict an eccentric nature.
  • Rolling stores– When distributing stuff across the suitcase real estate becomes a challenge roll the clothes and chuck it in the corners.
  • Fill the gaps– Make an optimum utilization of spaces and that includes the holes of footwear.
  • Knotty affair – Keeping in mind the inseparable love of the headphone plugs and chargers, stuff it in separate spaces of jewellery boxes.

When traveling is in your agenda but those trivial details freak you out, vacate your mind and gear up for a worry-free vacation by following these simple tips:

  • Tag your bag since that cute trolley can be some other’s favorite as well.
  • Thinking to go international?? Then plan ahead if you don’t want to invest your whole travel allowance on airfare.
  • Do some homework on the place you are scheduled to travel.
  • Capture as much memory of the place in pixels as you can!!
Written by Srijanee Chakraborty