71st celebration of an independent India

On the eve of our 71st Independence day, spare a thought on the fact that what has the auspicious day of 15th August meant to us. If we are free to live and breathe like the way we are and are free to accept the world around us just like the way it is, we are truly enlivening days of independence every day.

The battle of independence was a long-drawn strife against the British imperials who’s initial intention of doing trade in our nation later gave way to political and administrative ambitions. The course of the battle was marked with innumerable sacrifices done by bravehearts from all the corners of the nation who’s only ego was the freedom of their motherland. It witnessed sacrificial acts of national leader like Mahatma Gandhi who spearheaded nationalist movements like the Non-cooperation Movement, the Civil Disobedience movement which claimed to shake the podium of British rule. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is revered as one of the foremost leaders who’s battlecry “poorna swaraj” (complete independence) had filled hopes and courage into people’s hearts. Several youths like Bhagat Singh, Khudiram Bose, Masterda Surya Sen and innumerable others resorted to weapons to create panic among the ruling imperials and expedite attaining independence.

After a long battle and amidst spiralling political tensions, the new British viceroy, Lord Mountbatten chose the second anniversary of Japan’s surrender in World War II, 15 August, as the date of granting full sovereignty to the nation and the birth of a free India.

On the eve of 15th August, Leonia invites you to join hands in paying homage to those innumerable sacrifices that earned us freedom. Let us pledge to keep the sanctity of the tricolour blemish-free and let’s celebrate independence.

Our Tricolour our pride

Written by Srijanee Chakraborty