Leonia- a holistic destination of happiness

Imagine a day, when it is one of those regular days, when you are ticking off the chores from your regular bucket list and leaving those regular countless sighs of living a day. A day which does not start at the tone of your alarm clock; a day not dictated by a mundane schedule; a day where you are pampered. You wonder what if a genie descends and sweeps you off the ground and lands you on the place where you get your fancies fulfilled. Well!! Why to wait for a genie when you have the place you are looking for!! The place goes by the name of Leonia Holistic Destination.

Located in the outskirts of the city of Nizams, Hyderabad and amidst lush greenery, Leonia has been built on the concept of a one-stop venue for everything that spells a perfect weekend getaway; accommodation; entertainment; leisure experience and any more. Leonia has been built as a sanatorium for the tired souls seeking solace in a place which is far away from the hustle and bustle of a city; a far-cry from the concrete jungle which welcomes us every morning as we open our eyes to greet a new day.

The property lays abundant with a wide assortment of venues and facilities such as hotels, resorts; fun activities; movie theaters; eateries and restaurants; banquet halls; wedding facilities and a world-class medi-spa.

The uniqueness of the property, the convenience that it offers, its facilities, make Leonia a must-visit for travelers visiting Hyderabad.

Written by Srijanee Chakraborty